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Christmas For All


Welcome To a christmas for all!

Many of us have spent years of a holiday celebration with family and/or friends but there are some who have never been able to enjoy the love and splendor of the most celebrated holiday around.  Here I hope to bring a page that spiritually will reach everyone's heart so that no one is left out of the Hope, Love and The Magic of Christmas!


How Did Christmas Begin?

Let's go back to when the celebration of Christmas first began.  When did it begin and how did it come about?  Many religions have a similar view on its origin and that is what I am going to focus on.  The origins of Christmas go back to before the time of  Christ when many ancient cultures celebrated the changing of the seasons. In the northern hemisphere in Europe, for example, the winter solstice, which was the shortest day of the year, occurs around Dec. 25th. During this time extreme celebration occurred and, for the most part, businesses and government shutdown. It was a time of pagan celebration with various forms of sinful behavior.  These celebrations were based on the day where the cold winter days became shorter and shorter. Since during winter animals were penned, people stayed indoors, crops didn't grow, etc.,--to know that winter was half over and on its way out was a time of celebration.

It is called Christmas Eve on December 24th and Christmas Morning on December 25th.  Some people prefer to open gifts, sing Christmas Carols and enjoy Christmas dinner on the 24th but others prefer to wait until the 25th to give a jolly fellow called Santa Claus the chance to magically leave gifts for all.

Where Do We Start?

Okay, so we have an understanding of when Christmas began.  Now what do we do?  Let's begin with decorating our homes, offices, yards and anywhere else that will start a sense that something wonderful is coming.  Retail stores have focused so much on how much money can be made from Christmas enthusiasts that sometimes we forget what the decorations represent.  One cannot drive by a house decorated without feeling the Love and Sentiment wished upon visitors from the home owner.  That is where we will begin.


Oh Christmas Tree!

One simply cannot start decorating without having a tree colorfully ornate with sometimes homemade ornaments, themes, or a mixture of old and new.  Each person has to feel what represents Christmas to them and display accordingly.  The tree is typically a pine tree, whether real or fake, and then placed in a prominent place inside the house to where later gifts are placed beneath it to be opened on Christmas Day.  Some homes also decorate trees outside the home but I will focus on those within.  

A traditional Christmas tree has lights, ornaments, tinsel, garland and a tree topper such as an Angel or Star.  Around the bottom of the tree is a decorative skirt that finishes the tree's decor.  The tree stands up with the help of a tree stand.  If you use a real tree you will need a tree stand that is filled with water to keep the tree from drying out.  Some prefer real trees because of the pine scent that they admit, which is one of the most popular Christmas smells of the season.  For those who prefer the fake tree they can add the smell of pine with a spray or diffuser hung within the branches of the tree.


Add a Wreath

A wonderful way to welcome guests to your home for the season is to hang a wreath on the outside of your front door.  Again, this can be a real pine wreath or perhaps a handmade one made out of tulle.  It's up to your decorating style to choose one that represents the greetings that Christmas means to you.



Comin' Down the Chimney

For those fortunate enough to have a fireplace in their home, many decide to decorate it festively.  Christmas stockings adorn the front of the chimney where in old times families hung their wet socks at the fireplace and discovered in the morning that they were filled with small gifts.  Bows of holly typically embrace the top portion of the fireplace and various ornaments and/or berries bring the Christmas leaves to life.  If one has a mantle above the fireplace it is warmed with the glow of candlesticks and from there perhaps a Christmas village, miniature in size, or other holiday favors.  The fireplace and its chimney represent the traditional means to where Santa Claus brings patrons their gifts.


Santa Who?

As I had just mentioned, there is a person who is the center of what many look forward to at Christmas Time.  The arrival of Santa Claus is the gift of someone who visits everyone around the World on one night and one night only, Christmas.  He has this special day set aside and his team of elves work hard throughout the year to make the toys and other gifts that Santa's presence will bring.  He wears a red suit with white trim, belted with a black belt and gold buckle.  His pants are red and upon his feet he wears black winter boots to keep him warm from the winter weather.  Upon his head is a triangle shaped hat in red with white trim and a white pompom on the pointed end.  His face is round with white hair and beard to match.  He has rosey cheeks because he lives up in the North Pole where its wintry winds color those cheeks naturally.  Santa gathers reindeer, the creatures of the North Pole, and a sleigh which holds the gifts and then all of them, with the Magic of Christmas, begin a flight across the starlit skies to land upon the roofs of every home.  He then grabs his bag of gifts and, again with the magic of the season, slides down the chimney to fill the Christmas stockings and leave holiday-wrapped gifts beneath the tree.  Some patrons will leave out a delicious treat of cookies and a glass of milk for Santa to eat since he has so many homes to go to and, likely, he needs nourishment to fulfill all of the orders.  For those who like to go a step further, they may even leave some carrots for Santa to give his cherished reindeer.


Thoughtful Gift Giving

Giving gifts to one another at Christmas Time represents the Gift of Christ and all that his birth means to the World.  It is a time of doing something for your fellow citizen whether it means helping out a local homeless shelter or sending Christmas cards to those in a nursing home.  As far as the immediate family, it is the opportunity to find something that will make the receiver happy to have yet another year with his/her family members.  Chosen early in the year or closer to December 24, some families make lists of what they would like to receive and it is from that list that each saves money to buy these thoughtful gifts.  Upon buying them, there is the chore of wrapping them in colorful paper or bags so that they add to the decor of the Christmas Tree and so that it is truly a surprise to unwrap the secret item.  Small gifts can be placed within stockings over the fireplace that usually have the name of whose sock that is across the material.


Dinner Anyone?

Once the gifts are opened, perhaps a round or two of Christmas Carols sung around the Christmas tree, the family gathers at the dinner table where a warm, delicious dinner awaits them.  Traditionally, there are items such as a Chicken or Ham that are the main course.  Additionally, stuffing, canned beets, mashed potatoes and gravy, dinner rolls, pumpkin pie, buttered green beans, decorated Christmas cookies and to drink...eggnog.  It is similar in celebration to Thanksgiving but the addition of holiday cookies and drink increase the consumption of a dinner that takes hours to prepare.  

Top 10 Christmas Song

1. Jingle Bell Rock
2. Waiting for Christmas
3. All I Want for Christmas Is You
4. Silent Night
5. White Christmas
6. Do They Know It's Christmas
7. O Holy Night
8. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
9. Jingle Bells
10. Santa Claus Is Coming to Town

Santa's Reindeer

  1. Dasher
  2. Dancer
  3. Prancer
  4. Vixen
  5. Comet
  6. Cupid
  7. Donner
  8. Blitzen
  9. Rudolph 

Mistletoe Magic

Mistletoe is a plant that grows on range of trees including willow, apple and oak trees. The tradition of hanging it in the house goes back to the times of the ancient Druids. It is supposed to possess mystical powers which bring good luck to the household and wards off evil spirits. It was also used as a sign of love and friendship in Norse mythology.

Upon a person standing beneath the mistletoe hung in a room, it offers another the chance to surprise the recipient with a kiss on the lips or cheeks to spread the Love of the Season to him/her.

Christmas Games for the Family


  • CANDY CANES (Holiday ‘Spoons’)

To learn more about how each of these is played, go here

Christmas Trivia

Question: What did the other reindeer not let Rudolph do because of his shiny red nose?
Answer: Join in any reindeer games

Question: How many ghosts show up in A Christmas Carol?
Answer: Four

Question: Where was baby Jesus born?
Answer: In Bethlehem

Question: The movie Miracle on 34th Street is based on a real-life department store. What is it?
Answer: Macy’s

Question: What are the two other most popular names for Santa Claus?
Answer: Kris Kringle and Saint Nick

Question: Elvis isn’t going to have a white Christmas he’s going to have a….
Answer: Blue Christmas

Question: What do people traditionally put on top of a Christmas tree?
Answer: An angel

Question: In Home Alone, where are the McCallisters going on vacation when they leave Kevin behind?
Answer: Paris

Question: In the classic, How The Grinch Stole Christmas, the Grinch was described with three words. What are they?
Answer: Stink, stank, stunk

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